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Experience the excitement of the X-Cube in action. Watch our YouTube trailer to get a sneak peek into the immersive world of our innovative escape room solution.


Welcome to the future of immersive entertainment – the X-Cube! Combining the thrill of an escape room with the excitement of a video game. Adventure awaits as you step into a 16-square meter room packed with the latest technology.

At the heart of the X-Cube lies versatility. With our diverse range of experiences and a commitment to future development, our games captivate and engage audiences of all ages, from kids to adults. Get ready for the ultimate adventure where the lines between reality and virtual worlds blur and unforgettable memories are created.

play up to
6 players

In the X-Cube, you can play with up to 6 players simultaneously, each with their own controller to enhance the experience.


You can enjoy multiple experiences within the X-Cube with a selection of 6 different games currently, and more coming in the future.

6K resolution and 5.1 dolby surround

Experience cinematic immersion with a stunning 6K resolution touch screen and the rich audio quality of 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound.

Games for all ages & diverse groups

The X-Cube provides entertainment appealing to both kids and adults. It’s a creative choice for date nights, and its inclusive design welcomes wheelchair users, fostering a sense of community and enjoyment among all backgrounds and abilities.


Explore our selection of captivating games, each designed to offer a unique adventure within the X-Cube.
There’s an exciting experience for every taste and age group.

30 & 60 minutes  |  14 YEARS +   |   2-6 persons

30 minutes  |  9 YEARS +   |   2-6 persons

60 minutes  |  16 YEARS +   |   2-6 persons

30 minutes | 12 YEARS + | 2-6 persons

30 minutes  |  9 YEARS +   |   2-6 persons

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Our commitment to bringing innovative entertainment experiences to audiences around the world continues to grow, ensuring that the adventure is never far from your doorstep. Explore our ever-expanding network and find the nearest X-Cube for your next adrenaline rush!