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The X-Cube offers content suitable for all ages. With experiences ranging from 30 to 60 minutes, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Don’t just take our word for it – watch the trailer and witness the excitement for yourself.

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Time to put your team’s skills to the test in a thrilling spy training mission! Become a part of an elite spy squad led by Agent Jayne. Work together seamlessly, track targets with precision, uncover hidden devices, and master the art of bomb defusal. Dive into this immersive X-Cube experience and see if you have what it takes to become a true espionage expert!

2-6 players‎ 
30-60 minutes‎ 
Ages 14+ ‎ 
Rating of 4.2/5.0‎ 
Difficulty: Hard ‎ 


Start a special SpyTraining under the direction of none other than Sterre Koning. Get ready for thrilling challenges that include learning to interrogate, cracking codes, tracking down crafty thieves, and even dismantling bombs. It’s the perfect game for an unforgettable children’s party filled with excitement and mystery!

2-6 players‎ 
30 minutes‎ 
Ages 9 +‎ 
Rating of 4.4/5.0‎ 
Difficulty: Hard (for kids) ‎ 


Unravel the gripping mystery behind ‘Murder at the Mansion,’ a tale that will keep you hooked. Albert Duyckers, the head of the Duyckers family, met an unexpected end during a gathering to commemorate his wife’s first anniversary of passing. Explore the opulent estate, piece together vital clues, and collaborate to uncover the truth behind Albert’s fate in this captivating investigation.

2-6 players‎ 
60 minutes‎ 
Ages 16 +‎ 
Rating T.B.A.‎ 
Difficulty: Very Hard ‎ 


Prepare to be completely entertained with The Crazy Game Show, a collection of mini-games made for groups of people of all ages. But be careful—the cunning Show Master could just throw in a surprise to keep everyone on their toes in the competition for the prizes.

2-6 players‎
30 minutes‎
Ages 12 +‎
Rating 4.7/5.0 Difficulty: Medium

AGENT 8008

Get ready for a thrilling journey lead by none other than YouTuber Ronald Vledder, aka Agent 8008. Join the effort to save Number2, his trusted companion, from the clutches of a mysterious hacker. Can you solve the riddles, complete the tasks, and complete this risky mission successfully? Perfect for families and children’s parties!

2-6 players‎
30 minutes‎
Ages 9 +‎
Rating of 4.6/5.0‎
Difficulty: Hard (for kids)

Coming soon!

Security training

A cybersecurity training designed for companies seeking to enhance their employees’ proficiency in online safety and digital security.

Mission to mars

Prepare for an exhilarating journey alongside Dutch astronaut Andre Kuipers as you embark on an exciting expedition to explore the renowned red planet Mars.